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CEMEX, SINOMA inaugurate US$20M facility that converts heat into power

June 18, 2015

Leaders from cement manufacturer CEMEX Philippines and Chinese firm SINOMA Energy Conservation Ltd. (SINOMA-EC) recently inaugurated the Waste-Heat-to-Energy Facility at the Solid Cement Plant in Antipolo City, coinciding with the celebration of Rizal Province Day.

This US$20-million power facility, under the full undertaking of SINOMA-EC, is a technology built to capture Solid Cement Plant’s excess heat to produce usable power. In the industrial process, waste heat is the necessary by-product of machines at work.

CEMEX, SINOMA inaugurate US$20M facility that converts heat into power

HEAT IS POWER. Rizal Province Governor Nini Ynares (center) joined CEMEX Philippines Country President Pedro Palomino (center – left) and SINOMA-EC Chairman Zhang Qi (center – right) in leading the inauguration of the Waste-Heat-to-Energy Facility inside the Solid Cement Plant in Antipolo, Rizal.

With the inaugurated facility, the captured heat will then be converted into power which can supply for up to 6 Megawatts of electricity, equivalent to 25 percent of the plant’s total power requirement. The process of recovery and power generation is resource efficient because it does not involve combustion and emission.

“We are very delighted to finally launch the Waste-Heat-to-Energy project, the first of its kind in the history of CEMEX worldwide. This project between SINOMA and CEMEX Philippines is not just about creating sustainable source of power but also about establishing sustainable relationships towards efficient operations,” said Pedro Palomino, CEMEX Philippines country president.

The project is also the first overseas exploration of SINOMA. As its way of promoting energy conservation, SINOMA invested in the construction of the waste heat recovery power station to live out their “Go Out” strategy.

The use of the Waste-Heat-to-Energy Facility serves as best practice in the advancement of energy efficiency and reduction of carbon footprint. CEMEX and SINOMA share the same commitment to explore innovative ways towards sustainable development.

The inauguration was highlighted by the visit of the CEMEX global energy team led by Vice President for Energy & Sustainability Luis Farias.

CEMEX Philippines is the manufacturer of the eco-labeled cement brands in the country including Island Portland Cement, Rizal Portland Super, Rizal Masonry Cement, APO Portland Premium, APO Portland Cement, APO Masonry Cement, Palitada King and APO Pozzolan.

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