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Global Vision

As a member of the CEMEX group, we have adopted CEMEX’s unified global vision, which includes the following core principles:

We expect to make the future better for our people, our customers, our shareholders, and the communities we interact with. We address society’s growing needs by offering high-quality products and innovative solutions. We expect to drive sustainable development and improve the lives of people and communities around us by developing and delivering what we deem to be the best solutions in cement and concrete.

We seek to create sustainable value by providing industry-leading products and solutions to satisfy the construction needs of our customers. 

We aim to create value for our customers by implementing the core elements of our business strategy described above and we seek to continue to improve our overall business by growing profitably and maximizing our overall performance. 

Operating model
We recognize the value of developing common practices to improve the way we operate. We replicate best practices from within our operations and also from across CEMEX, apply them, and leverage our internal knowledge. We participate in global networks created by CEMEX which define specific policies and goals that directly impact our results. In general, we leverage our knowledge and scale to establish best practices and common processes with other CEMEX companies worldwide which we expect will allow us to operate our business more effectively and obtain the best use of our assets.

As part of our overall values, we intend to (i) promote a healthy and safe working environment by making health and safety one of our top priorities; (ii) focus on our customers by providing them with valuable business solutions that meet their needs; (iii) pursue excellence by seeking to achieve high industry standards in our overall performance; (iv) leverage our knowledge, and the global knowledge of CEMEX; and (v) act with integrity by complying with our code of ethics.

Building the Future
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