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Durable Concrete

With Durable Concrete, CEMEX presents a material that resists aggressive climate conditions, making it a key component of ecological construction.



ReadyGREEN is a range of high performance, low-carbon concretes developed in collaboration with CEMEX's international Research and Development facility in Switzerland. It is specially designed for high resistance to chemical attacks under Philippine conditions; and offers certified carbon foot print reduction and enhanced durability compared to other normal types of concrete made with conventional OPC cement. ReadyGREEN may be used in a variety of applications as a replacement for conventional concrete.

Lower CO2 Footprint


CEMEX Impercem is a high-technology product developed by the CEMEX Global Research Group. The advanced mix design of Impercem, coupled with advanced admixture technology, produces a concrete that is highly resistant, with low water absorption and penetration. Impercem can eliminate the need for waterproofing membranes, reducing overall cost.

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