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Fast Forward: Build the Future Now!

09 January 2017

CEMEX and DPWH together in nation-building with Promptis and RCC

 Today, many Filipinos are spending too much time on the road, braving traffic particularly during the rush hours in Metro Manila. Traffic gridlock is not just a problem in daily living; further aggravated by road repairs and rehabilitation, the congestion challenges business operations and ultimately, economic development.

The current situation prompted the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to explore more breakthrough solutions to pave ways towards nation-building.


Fast Forward participants pose at demonstration site in Manila Port Area

Building the future now

Committed to meet the dynamic demands of progress, DPWH partnered with building solutions leader CEMEX Philippines who shares in the vision of building the future now in more sustainable ways.

The government agency is expanding the use of  CEMEX’s Promptis Accelerating Admixture, an innovative pavement technology that allows newly constructed, repaired or rehabilitated roads to be opened for use after only one day of curing instead of the traditional three-day process.

On a vacant lot at the Manila Port area, Promptis’ quick drying properties were demonstrated together with another durable and cost efficient solution— the Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC). Present in the separate concrete laying demonstration of these paving solutions were engineers and specialists from the technical teams of DPWH and some clients and contractors of CEMEX Philippines.

The site demonstration is part of “Fast Forward: Promptis 1-Day Concrete and Advanced Paving Solutions Workshop” that was jointly organized by DPWH and CEMEX Philippines at the CEMEX Terminal in Manila Port Harbour.

Paving faster ways


Promptis laying demonstration

As the government embarks on some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the country, innovative building materials and faster methods of construction would play critical roles in completing projects on time and with minimal disruption to daily living.

CEMEX introduced Promptis to DPWH two years ago. Trials of the admixture in Limay, Bataan; Ayala Bridge, Manila; and several sections of EDSA proved the effectiveness and durability of Promptis. In fact, during the demonstrations, it even took less than 24 hours from the actual pouring to set the concrete, allowing roads to be opened to the public faster, thus easing traffic flow.

DPWH expressed confidence in Promptis when it issued Department Order No. 61 titled the “Standard Specification on the Use of Promptis as Concrete Accelerating Admixture to One-Day Portland Cement Concrete Pavement.” The department order certifies Promptis to be used in any 1-day concrete application in public road works. The admixture is the only pavement technology certified by DPWH. It means the agency can now build and repair more roads faster.

Promptis has the same characteristics as of normal concrete. However, the technology involved in producing the mix enhances its performance. Promptis is differentiated from conventional concrete through its value-adding property of reaching accelerated strengths just hours after setting. Promptis is also easy to compact and finish. It has high workability retention of up to 120 minutes; hence, construction schedules can be conveniently achieved.

Sustainable alternative     


 RCC laying demonstration

Another technology that presents a sustainable alternative to conventional concrete is the Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) which is a dry and zero-slump concrete mix.

RCC is placed using a high density paver with the same design methodology and support structure as conventional concrete without the need for reinforcement bars. It has reduced water content that leads to the concrete’s high early strength.

During the workshop, CEMEX experts explained that the RCC is strong, dense, and durable. Since RCC does not require the use of forms, dowels or reinforcing steel, it enables faster construction time for highways, local streets, parking lots, industrial yards, bus lanes, rural roads, and base of top layers. RCC has a significantly lower cost over the full life cycle because of minimum maintenance and labour cost as compared to asphalt pavements.



CEMEX and DPWH Leaders


Innovating to meet modern needs

Promptis and RCC technologies reflect CEMEX’s commitment to present alternative solutions that enable efficient structure development that support the country’s growth. “We reached this moment today because of a shared vision with the DPWH to build the future now in more efficient ways,” said Arturo Rodriguez, CEMEX technical director. “We at CEMEX endeavour to benefit people by understanding specific needs and processes and by learning about the construction industry of each country.”

“We wanted to showcase these technologies today to show that there are viable alternatives to concrete. Promptis and RCC are just two of these,” added Edwin Hufemia, CEMEX vice president for ready-mix and pavements. “CEMEX is looking forward to coming up with more innovative building solutions to support the dynamic demands of progress.”



Participants during the activity the micro-casting activity



Aside from the on-site demonstrations in the Fast Forward workshop, the Promptis micro-casting activity made the event more fun by engaging its participants in creating their own concrete molds within 30 minutes. For the purpose of the activity, Promptis was customized to be used in the creation of a personal paperweight. This activity demonstrated the versatility and quick-drying properties of Promptis.



After the discussions, Fast Forward workshop delegates were ushered back to the demonstration site. Participants were impressed at how Promptis delivered what was promised in a span of only a few hours.



DPWH, the frontliner in the biggest infrastructure undertakings of the government, will surely have its hands full in the coming months. But it is also ready for the challenge with the help of partners like CEMEX, whose commitment to nation-building is in sync with the country’s goals of building a sustainable future for all.



A moving vehicle tests the load-bearing capacity of Promptis after a few hours of curing

The Fast Forward workshop enables the full potential of Promptis 1-day pavement technology and make its know-how available nationwide, particularly in key areas. More joint workshops in other regions are planned in 2017.

Building the Future
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