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We have the support of one the world’s leading building materials companies.

CEMEX is one of the largest cement companies in the world with annual installed production capacity as of December 31, 2015 of approximately 92.9 million tonnes. CEMEX is the world’s largest ready-mix concrete company with annual sales volume of approximately 52.9 million cubic meters in fiscal 2015, one of the world’s largest aggregates companies with annual sales volume of approximately 147.9 million tonnes in fiscal 2015 and one of the world’s largest traders of cement and clinker, having traded approximately 8.8 million tonnes of cement and clinker in the year ended December 31, 2015.  
We benefit from a continuous transfer of knowledge with CEMEX, and the CEMEX Research Group is responsible for important contributions to new products that we have developed and launched in the Philippines. Access to CEMEX’s broad product portfolio, experience and exposure to multiple sectors allows us to benefit from best practices, technologies and know-how in production techniques, marketing and sales strategies. These benefits enable us to introduce innovative products to our customers and implement techniques to improve our operational efficiency and reduce production costs, such as our adoption of alternative fuel sources. CEMEX’s expertise has also helped us capture synergies and exploit cross-selling opportunities associated with CEMEX’s trading network and brand recognition. 
As the construction industry in the Philippines develops further, product innovation and technology will become an increasingly important element of our responses to customer needs. Industry-leading capabilities will increasingly be required to succeed in the market.
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