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PROMPTIS “One-day Cure” Paves the Road for World-Class Infrastructure

by Mitch Velete


Behind the country’s most reliable infrastructure is a building solution that sets the foundation for better and safer roads. 

Since some highways, thoroughfares, and pavements in the Philippines are in need of rehabilitation, there are innovative industry solutions that are being developed to build sustainable roads. 

For many years, CEMEX takes on the challenge and responsibility to provide the local market with high-quality products and advancements that can help their customers and partners, whether they are individual home builders or large industrial contractors. 

As a leading global building solutions company, CEMEX has been responding to the most pressing infrastructure needs of the country. CEMEX manufactures, distributes, and markets cement, concrete admixtures, and ready-mix concrete— some of the most significant ingredients to create solid and compelling structures that aid in progressive living. 

It also offers pavement solutions and affordable cast-in-place housing systems, with relevant and distinctive attributes that easily adapt to construction and design requirements. CEMEX has successfully positioned itself as The Cement Expert, with its cement brands Rizal and APO, two of the most widely used and trusted brands in the industry.   

Road access after 24 hours 

At present, CEMEX Philippines is proud to bring Promptis to the local construction industry. 

Promptis is an admixture technology in the chemicals category that allows concrete to rapidly cure and set while retaining necessary and standard strength properties. 

This is considered highly innovative in the building and maintenance of heavily used national roads. Roads and pavements have considerable time requirements so the faster the concrete sets, the faster it can be opened to traffic. After 24 hours, Promptis achieves the strength of concrete conventionally achieved after a minimum of three days. As a result, it will be most advantageous to the general public. 

A road can take three days to cure— pour it on Friday, open it on Monday. While Promptis can achieve the required strength in 24 hours!
Public infrastructures and national highways which connect cities and boost access to trade and commerce are essential to a growing economy like the Philippines’. Ensuring the provision and management of quality infrastructure facilities and services is the major thrust of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). With more roads to be built, the agency continuously innovates the way it builds and maintains public infrastructures.


DPWH has acknowledged the importance of Promptis’ innovative technology by granting CEMEX Philippines a certification that enables the product to be used for one-day concrete applications in public road projects. 
Promptis can also help companies produce pre-cast elements such as beams/girders, piles for bridges, and concrete wall/slab panels for low to high rise buildings. These are typically mass produced and later assembled on-site by a crane.

CEMEX’s live product trials have proven the technology’s viability and have opened the doors for solutions to enter and be used for public works. With this certification, CEMEX will be able to help its customers and partners pursue the construction and building of better roads in the Philippines. 

CEMEX Philippines has cemented its reputation as the nation’s strong ally in public service through public works. By providing products that deliver faster construction and rehabilitation, more roads can be built. This is CEMEX Philippines’ commitment to nation-building and to addressing the ever-increasing need for growing and sustainable cities.

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