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AXEIA taps CEMEX Building Solutions for faster and more innovative construction

AXEIA Development Corporation, one of the fastest growing property developers in the Philippines, is making use of the latest and innovative construction technologies from leading building materials company CEMEX Philippines.

AXEIA expects to build high-quality houses faster with CEMEX’s cast in place technology, a concreting process that utilizes pre-designed panels to mold the preferred shapes of walls and slabs.

One of the advantages of tapping into this technology is the simplicity and practicality of the assembly method.


Unlike the traditional system which makes of use of column-beam frames and concrete hollow blocks, CEMEX’s cast in place innovation uses aluminum formworks which are lightweight in nature.

This latest housing solution from CEMEX involves the setting up of structural wall-slab elements –made of reinforced concrete– on site. Upon assembly, a concrete mix is poured into the formworks to produce the desired shape of the elements such as walls, bay windows, stairs, and other architectural features. Hence, this system results in the completion of a monolithic concrete structure that requires no plastering works.

“We did a lot of collaboration with CEMEX using their concrete and technology. We've been very happy with the structures that we’ve been able to build,” says Paul Tanchi, president of AXEIA. 

Tanchi says CEMEX’s cast in place solution can be a great way to help housing construction in the country as the innovation makes construction quicker and produces good quality homes.

Another attribute of the cast in place system is its customization. Molds and panels can be designed and fabricated according to the client’s building requirements. 

Cast in place is one of CEMEX’s modern building solutions that guarantees fast and efficient construction of large-scale housing. With an innovative technology, better supervision process, and consistent formworks, this building solution reduces construction time, thus helping developers recover investment in less time with the quick delivery of homes. It also helps save on finishing, rework, and material storage.

Meanwhile, AXEIA is also testing CEMEX’s Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) for its road project.

RCC is CEMEX’s pavement solution to support the construction of sustainable roads. It is a special blend of concrete with zero slump mix. RCC is simple, fast, and economical to install as it doesn’t require steel reinforcements or rebars. It is applied using high-density asphalt paving equipment and is compacted using vibratory rollers. A road paved with RCC can be opened to traffic in 1 to 2 days. 

Essentially, this technology also eliminates the problem of having to spend more on road repairs as RCC’s long service life requires minimal maintenance. RCC can withstand heavy loads and extreme temperatures. 

Tanchi believes CEMEX’s RCC can make AXEIA's construction of roads quicker. The collaboration is unique. “CEMEX is actually bringing the technology to us and they are going to be the ones laying the roads for us,” explains Tanchi. 

The cast in place and RCC technologies are proven value engineered innovations in other CEMEX regions such as Latin America and the United Kingdom.

The two companies’ business relationship has grown since AXEIA started sourcing cement and other construction materials from CEMEX Philippines. Architects from both companies now collaborate in designing AXEIA’s three-storey walk-ups. 

“Their reliability, for me, has been the biggest plus as a partner. They’re able to deliver the products when we need them,” says Tanchi. “We'll continue to work together to discover better ways of doing things. We’re happy with our relationship and we look forward to where it will take us down the road.”

AXEIA is a multi-awarded developer having a 26-year track record for delivering best valued quality homes. It has provided affordable housing to more than 18,000 families in strategic locations across Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Pampanga, and Rizal.

CEMEX Philippines offers a broad product mix of building solutions to the Philippine market. Its subsidiaries, Apo Cement Corporation and Solid Cement Corporation, produce and market cement and other building materials in the country. These cement manufacturing subsidiaries carry the well established cement brands APO and Rizal. Visit for news and updates or like and follow CEMEX Philippines on Facebook and Instagram. For partnerships, contact the Public Affairs Unit at (632) 849 3600.


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